Medical physics, radiation protection, is one of the important branches of physics and the main link between physics and medicine.
Physics has provided a great service in the development of modern medicine, starting with methods of photography, to the development of radiation treatments and related devices, it has contributed greatly to help modernizing the specialization of radiology and diagnostic aspects, therapeutic and nuclear medicine, and these activities in coordination between physicists, specialists And technicians.
From here, we can see the big role of the prevention institution in radiation prevention and the creation of a healthy, safe and professional health environment for all radiation practitioners through radiation protection programs.

Who are we?

The Foundation of prevention field specializes in the prevention of radiation, its goal is preventive and has national and community dimensions, working to help the private and non-private health sectors to apply national and international preventive requirements, specializing in the provision of medical physics services and all related to it from consulting before buying the equipment used in Diagnosis and treatment and through the study of hardware specifications and choose the best and then design the work site, and calibrate and advise the workers on how to deal with radiation.
it is also responsible for protecting all segments of the centers with radiation practices, in addition to many other specialized works, which are supervised by an integrated team with high skills and experience in this field.
prevention field has proved itself as one of the best specialized institutions in the field of medical physics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thanks to the adoption of a strict policy that makes quality a basic criterion for work, and the client a central objective of all its services.


We seek to spread our message within the sector in which we specialize, which is reflected in the consolidation of the concept of total quality within the field of our work, on one hand, and work on Saudization of working frameworks in this sector by providing the Saudi youth with the expertise provided by the competencies of the institution.


We have a clear vision to become the leading provider of services related to the field of medical physics and radiation protection. We have raised the challenges of the future and have been actively and seriously involved in the huge national program that the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 has brought. We seek to be the first reference to all who want high quality services.

Strategic goals:

  • Serving Customers according to the highest quality standards.
    Reducing unsafe practices in sectors with radiological practices.
  • Work on the achievement of health facilities to the conditions of accreditation (CBAHI).
  • Follow up the new sector and transfer it to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Continuous development for the benefit of the Foundation’s work teams.
  • Encourage research and self-training for technicians and workers.
  • Continually expanding to ensure that our services reach all regions of the Kingdom and GCC countries.


  • Clarity and transparency: We treat all customers and partners with integrity and in accordance with the laws approved in the Kingdom.
  • Seriousness in the work: We deal with the seriousness and care to broadcast this value in the hearts of human cadres within our institution.
  • Commitment to contracts: We commit ourselves to our contracts with customers, and do our best to accomplish our services in accordance with agreed terms.

Social Responsibility:

We work in the institution of prevention field in a continuous and serious manner in order to achieve the desired goals. We have great responsibilities towards our society and we are doing our best to contribute seriously in the framework of social responsibility, in our belief in the integration of roles and their moral and human separation from our practical mission and our role towards society in all its aspects.